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Vol XI No 9

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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President Kabbah's 2007 Handing-over Speech to Ernest Bai Koroma
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Remembering January 6, 1999 and how hell was let loose on Sierra Leone


Africa's history over the last fifty years has been blighted by two areas of weakness. These have been capacity - the ability to design and deliver policies; and accountability - how well a state answers to its people. Improvements in both are first and foremost the responsibility of African countries and people...." Africa Report

"The press, radio and television and other agencies of the mass media shall at all times be free to uphold the fundamental objectives contained in this Constitution and highlight the responsibility and accountability of the Government to the people." - Sierra Leone Constitution


BBC's Special Programmes on the English Premier League in some key African languages

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power - Abraham Lincoln

Monday August 31, 2015 - More than two weeks after the hype and hysteria the killers and rapists that sent poor Hannah Bockarie to an early grave are yet to be brought to justice. Despite the police promising a speedy investigation they still have to tell the public where Hannah was murdered before her body was transported to a beach close to a police station!!!Beatrice Fofanah - UMC Coordinator. Wants action by the authorities.

We are talking of at least two heinous crimes - rape and murder - and the police have to tell the public of where the rape was carried out, where the murder most foul was committed and who were the main actors including those who arranged that her body should be left on a beach so close to a police station. Were the killers hoping that her body would be washed out to sea to give the impression that she drowned or that she drowned at sea and her body washed up? These are questions that need to be answered and quickly by investigation officers in a country where cases of rape are treated with levity with survivors in a number of cases afraid to report matters to the law lest they be accused of inviting rape upon themselves.

We are pleased at the concern generated by sections of Sierra Leone society, more so the efforts of civil society groups who believed that perpetrators of such crimes should be brought to book. We note the concern of the UN Office in Sierra Leone - with this headline on their online pages dated August 20, 2015 - "Statement from the United Nations Country Team in Sierra Leone over the rape and murder of a young woman at Lumley Beach, Freetown" It says "The UN Country Team (UNCT) in Sierra Leone is shocked by the report that an 18-year-old girl, Hannah Bockarie, was brutally raped and murdered on 13 August 2015 at Lumley Beach, Freetown. The UNCT condemns this horrendous act in the strongest terms and it calls on the Sierra Leone Government to conduct a prompt, thorough and independent investigation into the girl’s death and to bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice. The UN Team conveys it heartfelt sympathy to Hannah’s mother and family.

It is often said that it takes just a spark to set off a revolution for the good of the people and we do hope that the march, demonstration and candle light vigil held in memory of the brutal rape and murder of poor Hannah Bockarie will set in motion the much-needed positive action by the authorities that would lift the cover of protection enjoyed by like-minded rapists and murderers.

It is time for action. Now.


Tuesday August 18, 2015 - Lest we forget. Eighteen years ago today, the most vicious and brutal gang to seize State House goes on a murderous spree to silence students and young people who did not want them in power. Rape, murder, sexual slavery and abductions.Veteran journalist Winston Ojukutu-Macauley still carries the scar of August 18, 1997.

It was on this day eighteen years ago that the beasts in human form calling themselves the Peoples Army unleashed a wave of unprecedented terror on the civilian population - targeting students and young people who had decided that come what may - they would carry out a demonstration against the junta of rogue soldiers and their RUF killer counterpart led by Johnny Paul Koroma.

That day would never be forgotten by those who witnessed and were victims. Armed thugs carrying all kinds of weapons - from cutlasses looted from the stores of the Agriculture ministry to war weapons like AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and bombs traversed the city streets and alleyways looking for people "who look like students" and vowing to kill them for their dare. This excerpt from the pages of the Charles Taylor trial gives a tip of the iceberg of the mayhem and murder visited upon the people of Sierra Leone. Their crime? They could not put up with the lawless killers who had taken over State House and installed a murderous regime known as the AFRC.

This is what we had on Human Rights Practices in Sierra Leone - "On August 18, at least 11 people were killed when AFRC forces attacked students attempting a "march for democracy" in protest against the AFRC. One student from Njala University was chopped into pieces by the military forces. Many students remain missing and the number killed may be higher. Many students also were arrested arbitrarily and tortured.

The use of rape as an instrument of terror is well recorded during junta rule and indeed as we had stated before the testimonies of the junta operatives as well as witnesses should be enough to form the basis for the prosecution of those who carried out these gross human rights violations against the people of Sierra Leone. Kindly note what we wrote then on the tenth anniversary of this terrible and deliberate act by the junta operatives.

So we shall never forget what happened on August 18, 1997.

We call on the international community to try all those who carried out these murderous acts against unarmed and unprotected civilians in their own country by a band of killers tagging themselves as the government.

Just saw this interesting article by Karim Bah - a true Sierra Leonean and a man who lived through it all.

Sunday August 9, 2015 - The longest court martial in Sierra Leone's history finally ends. All thirteen accused set free as prosecution fails, miserably, to buttress charges. Accusations that it was just another act by the smoke and mirrors rat of a President at State House.Judge Advocate Otto During. Found no grounds for conviction.The 13 freed soldiers. What happens next?

...and finally the truth is out. All thirteen soldiers arrested and held for more than two years have been declared free by a Court Martial sitting in the capital Freetown. This is a part of the story as reported when the saga started -

"A Sierra Leone military court has charged a captain and 13 soldiers with mutiny and denied them bail, a judge said. The charge was coming eight months after they were arrested for planning a protest against the president. The men, who all pleaded not guilty, were arrested last August in the northern town of Makeni for planning a protest during a visit by President Ernest Bai Koroma to his hometown.

The Judge, Otto During, said the soldiers had intended to kidnap the president and murder the defence minister during the visit, which was later cancelled. He said the account has not been independently verified and details of the event leading to the soldiers’ arrests were not addressed in court on Monday. He added that “bail was refused the suspects in the interest of public safety and the safety of the accused persons themselves. “Also, there is the risk of flight on the part of the suspects.” If found guilty, the men could face a range of punishments from demotion in rank to death by firing squad."

Their chief target would have been Rtd Brigadier Maada Bio, John Benjamin of the SLPP and others they had long wanted to charge with treason ever since that attack on the SLPP headquarters in Freetown when at a meeting of the APC inner circle one of them cried out - "This is not the APC I know. These people should be charged with attempts to overthrow the government..." We now await developments on the remedial action including compensation for the victims of this state-sponsored outrage. We salute the defence team of the soldiers who refused to be intimidated or coerced but stood their ground when the state prosecutors tried to browbeat them into submission.

We also salute all the Civil Society groups including CARL and the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone for standing up for the rights of all Sierra Leoneans - this time the rights of the soldiers and members of their family.


Thursday August 6, 2015 - US President says Africa needs strong institutions not strongmen - and six years later even though Sierra Leone has strong institutions in place, a rogue rat passing off as President makes a mockery of the institutions of governance. Parliament, Judiciary (including the Supreme Court), Anti Corruption Commission and others compromised.

In July 2009, US President Barack Obama made his first historic visit to Africa as he touched down in the Ghanaian capital Accra where he was warmly received by many on the continent who saw this visit as a sign that the continent would now enjoy the spotlight of the powers that be in the United States of America.US President Barack Obama pays respect to the memory of those murdered in Nairobi embassy attacks.President Barack Obama addresses the African Union - the first sitting US President to do this.

Allow us to remind you of a part of what President Obama told the people of Ghana and Africa with the rest of the world listening with rapt attention. Governments that respect the will of their own people, that govern by consent and not coercion, are more prosperous, they are more stable, and more successful than governments that do not. This is about more than just holding elections. It's also about what happens between elections.

Repression can take many forms, and too many nations, even those that have elections, are plagued by problems that condemn their people to poverty. No country is going to create wealth if its leaders exploit the economy to enrich themselves or if police can be bought off by drug traffickers.

In the 21st century, capable, reliable, and transparent institutions are the key to success -- strong parliaments; honest police forces; independent judges; an independent press; a vibrant private sector; a civil society. Those are the things that give life to democracy, because that is what matters in people's everyday lives.With better governance, I have no doubt that Africa holds the promise of a broader base of prosperity. Witness the extraordinary success of Africans in my country, America. They're doing very well. So they've got the talent, they've got the entrepreneurial spirit. The question is, how do we make sure that they're succeeding here in their home countries? The continent is rich in natural resources. And from cell phone entrepreneurs to small farmers, Africans have shown the capacity and commitment to create their own opportunities. But old habits must also be broken. Dependence on commodities -- or a single export -- has a tendency to concentrate wealth in the hands of the few, and leaves people too vulnerable to downturns.


Wednesday August 5, 2015 - As the bookkeeper of Auschwitz is sentenced we plead with the international community to bring to justice all those who deliberately slaughtered, raped and made sexual slaves of Sierra Leoneans in a deliberate policy that had the hallmarks of genocide.Titi Kamara was murdered by junta operatives as they were forced out of the capital.Morris Kallon - one of the RUF leaders tried by the Special Court.

On one of our pages we brought you the story of a 93-year-old former member of a team that processed the victims of Nazi terror at the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. He did not personally take part in the executions, but he was a part of a system that started off with the processing of new inmates brought in at the concentration camp. Oskar Groening did not take part in the gassing to death of prisoners nor did he take part in the many execution squads dotted all over the place but the law found that he was complicit in a process of extermination of human beings thought to be walking the wrong path as prescribed by the evil overlords of the Nazi regime. The bookkeeper of Auschwitz was found guilty by a court and sentenced to four years in prison for his part in the activities at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Leon Schwarzbaum was 22 when he was transported to Auschwitz. He told me he is now 94 - the same age as Groening. He pointed to the tattooed numbers on his arm. "When they punched this on my arm they told me no-one lasts long in Auschwitz." After the verdict, I saw him again; four years is the right sentence, he said, after all he's an old man. Can he forgive Oskar Groening, I asked? "No," he replied. "I lost 30 members of my family in Auschwitz."

The Special Court for Sierra Leone has now almost wrapped up its operations but we are reminded of the formation of the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone whose duties and other documents could be retrieved from its pages. The Residual Court would, say if Johnny Paul Koroma pop up suddenly swing into action and try the knave, killer and rapist whose band of like-minded individuals enslaved and visited awful horror upon horror on the people of Sierra Leone. These are some accounts of atrocities as found on the pages of the Sierra Leone Peace Museum.

We need justice for the thousands murdered, even more numbers raped and abducted and the millions traumatised.


Friday July 31, 2015 - Hope on the horizon at last as trials in Guinea show that a very effective vaccine against the treacherous killer disease is on the horizon. The World Health Organisation salutes the people of Guinea and all those involved in the trials that now give us all hope, the good folks we mean not those who use the outbreak as a money-making and political tool.

The initial news has been heart-warming - that scientists could well be on the cusp of getting humanity a vaccine that would protect against the ravages of a treacherous and silent killer that has fed on individuals, communities and countries. At last there's hope on the horizon that the deadly Ebola Virus Disease is about to be conquered - that it would no more present a threat to humanity.

The World Health Organisation is equally hopeful and full of high spirits given that its reputation got a dent when it was accused of and later admitted that it was caught off-guard and too slow to react to the initial reports that the deadly disease was on the march in West Africa. On its news page we found this headline of hope - "World on the verge of an effective Ebola vaccine" and goes on to state - "Results from an interim analysis of the Guinea Phase III efficacy vaccine trial show that VSV-EBOV (Merck, Sharp & Dohme) is highly effective against Ebola. The independent body of international experts - the Data and Safety Monitoring Board – that conducted the review, advised that the trial should continue. Preliminary results from analyses of these interim data are published today in the British journal The Lancet. "This is an extremely promising development," said Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization. "The credit goes to the Guinean Government, the people living in the communities and our partners in this project. An effective vaccine will be another very important tool for both current and future Ebola outbreaks."

There's joy and jubilation in many a quarter of communities affected in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone where the virus killed thousands as well as countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Nigeria whose nationals got infected as the battle raged against the killer disease. In Sierra Leone where sections of the press alerted the government that the deadly disease could well have entered Sierra Leone through our porous borders with Guinea, these concerned news outlets and journalists were labelled as unpatriotic, anti-government and working with the enemies of the rat and his cabal. In the meantime, funds earmarked for combating the disease were shared with reckless abandon between the rat and his cronies with dubious contracts thrown into the quagmire of ruthless corruption as highlighted by the report of the Auditor General in that report titled -
"Report on the Audit of the Management of the Ebola Funds" on an almost daily basis. We grieve that one year after Dr Khan’s death, the remaining other health care workers continue to be stretched to their professional limits.


Tuesday July 7, 2015 - Ten years ago on this day evil walked the streets of London as suicide bombers targeted unarmed, unsuspecting and peaceful people in the capital. Their crime? Living in one of the bastions of democracy in the world.This iconic picture of a comforted survivor tells it all - that human kindness is a core of the people of London.The emergency services were stretched to near-breaking point. They managed this unprecedented and unexpected event rather well.

Ten years ago today suicide bombers targeted the transport system of London, the UK capital detonating bombs in crowded trains and a bus during rush hours in a busy capital. When the smoke cleared, the screams silent and the wailing still in the air, it was discovered that fifty two innocent and unarmed civilians were dead, many wounded and a still to be accounted for number traumatised as they battle to come to terms with what happened on that fateful day ten years ago.

The BBC has a page dedicated to the 52 victims and their stories. The write-up is a true overall picture of the random nature of the attackers whose intention, it would seem, was to kill as many people as they could taking worthy lives in their campaign of sheer terror. A service will take place at St Paul's Cathedral later to mark the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that killed 52 people in London. According to the BBC - "The families of those who died in the bombings of three Tube trains and a bus will attend, along with some of those injured on 7 July 2005. A minute's silence will be held during the service and on London's transport network at 11:30 BST. Prince William will also attend a service at Hyde Park's 7 July Memorial. The attack by four suicide bombers linked to al-Qaeda and carrying rucksacks of explosives was the worst single terrorist atrocity on British soil.

Just after 08:50 on 7 July 2005 three explosions took place on the Underground - 26 died in a bombing at Russell Square on the Piccadilly line; while on the Circle Line six died in an explosion at Edgware Road, and seven lost their lives at Aldgate.
Almost an hour later a fourth device was set off on a number 30 double-decker bus in Tavistock Square, killing 13 people.
The names of the 52 victims will be read out at the national service of commemoration at St Paul's Cathedral, which begins at 11:00 BST.

We join all good people in remembering all those who died, those who survived but were left with injuries, some life-changing and those still traumatised by those terrible events of ten years ago.

Update: As the 10th Anniversary Remembrance events happened - BBC pages

Also - 'Everywhere I looked there were body parts' - Daily Mail

Wednesday June 10, 2015 - The people of Ghana end 3 days of national mourning after floods and fires left more than 150 people dead. Our prayers are with you Ghana that the Good Lord will comfort you in your hour of grief and pain.The face of grief in Accra. Photo: BBC video report.One of the injured

It first started with an unusual downpour as reported by the BBC's Sammy Darko in Accra with rising and raging waters getting higher by the minute and angry floods sweeping away all that got in their way. One eyewitness compared it to the Biblical floods that are often associated with Noah in the Good Book, the Holy Bible. And then came reports of an explosion at a fuel station and with the ensuing raging fire, it seems all hell was let loose upon an unsuspecting population that had gone to seek shelter from the raging waters - giving the sad episode and even Biblical tinge of fire and floods hitting those the Good Lord was keen on punishing.

However floods in Accra, according to one news outlet is nothing new. Year after year residents have been complaining about the need for government to do something about the drainage and sewerage systems of the country's capital. True to form as with a number of African governments, those in power will promise, promise and promise to do something about it but in the end will do sweet nothing. The recent tragedy is a manifestation of what happens when governments pay lip service to the needs of people and continue to fool them using each and every trick in the deck of cards to deceive, hood wink and lead the poor by the nose.

While Ghanaians hope that lessons could be learnt from the tragedy, though the true figures for the dead, wounded and traumatised are yet to be verified, we do hope that what passes for a government of the people in Sierra Leone will take due note. We have been receiving reports of the large scale deforestation that continues to be encouraged around the hills and catchment areas of the capital Freetown.


Tuesday June 2, 2015 - 18 years ago, on the 2nd of June 1997 the Johnny Paul military junta killed and wounded scores of civilians in what was a deliberate orgy of targeted murders. The attacks were blamed on Nigeria and the world swallowed it until...Operatives of the brutal overlords of the AFRC/RUF coalition of evil

Eighteen years ago on this day, the military junta that had overthrown the democratically-elected government of President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah staged what could have been a successful media coup, a Trojan horse that almost fooled the world. Eighteen years ago today, scores of civilians were brutally killed with an unknown number suffering from wounds inflicted by military type weapons including automatic rifle fire and explosions from mortars and grenades.

By the time it ended, the world was almost fooled into believing that Freetown had been subjected to a naval bombardment by Nigerian ships steaming towards the Sierra Leone coast with some already in Sierra Leone waters. Those discerning voices and eyewitnesses on the ground dared not talk openly about what they saw for fear that they will be executed by a desperate junta that wanted Nigerian ECOMOG forces out so that civilians would be punished for their failure to recognise or support the murderous machine that was a combination of renegade soldiers and their RUF allies. Kindly read this account to get a taste of what happened all those many years years ago.

It was a massive and enforced deception that almost got international credibility but for some brave eye witnesses on the ground who later whispered what they actually witnessed - junta operatives firing rocket-propelled grenade launchers on the dancing crowds with the helicopter gunship thrown in for more devastating effect - death and destruction.

We are convinced that it was because of this rather successful Trojan horse tactics of the junta on this day that emboldened them to kill and maim the people of Mabaylla in early September 1997.


Sunday May 24, 2015 - The Supreme Court of Sierra Leone - not so supreme in ensuring that justice is not only done, but seen to be done. The problems with the bewigged band of comics more concerned about pleasing the Executive (the rat).Margaret Macauley - the widow of the late legal giant, herself an authority in the field.Aziz Carew lies in a coma - the Gestapo Chief of Police insisted he was pretending to be in a coma to evade "justice".

There's been quite a somewhat ever-increasing eddy of opinions regarding the decision of the Supreme Court not to grant an injunction that would have stopped a knave, a nation-wrecker and a thief from acting as the number 2 figure in the country. Many viewed this initial decision to allow the rat's chosen one to continue in that office as a big blow to common sense and indeed a slap for all those who had looked to the Supreme Court as the court that should be seen to be unfettered and not directed by any one individual as enshrined in the Constitution which states in Section 120 subsection 3 - "In the exercise of its judicial functions, the Judiciary shall be subject to only this Constitution or any other law, and shall not be subject to the control or direction of any other person or authority."

However what is common knowledge to many watchers of the judicial scene is that the Executive, meaning the rat occupying State House would do anything, like his predecessors, to have the Judiciary on its side using any and all dubious manners to achieve this. Did we hear you whisper that we are hard on the Judiciary? We say no for the simple reason that no court in Sierra Leone has so far, under the reign of the corrupt rat, ever ruled against the Executive (read the rat)?

It was somewhere in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar that we saw this line -  "O judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts, And men have lost their reason..." which would prompt us to ask if the Supreme Court has lost it when it failed to prevent the knave appointed by the rat to continue in an office for which he was never elected by the voters of Sierra Leone.


Monday March 23, 2015 - The lessons of our troubles deliberately ignored as the APC again embarks on a course that led to the first armed rebellion to free the people from the shackles of APC repression and slavery. The inner unrepentant and undemocratic core of the party still at work plotting another "APC rule forever" fiefdom.These are the victims of state-sponsored brutality as APC thugs attacked the offices of the main opposition SLPP in 2009.

Twenty four years ago on March 23rd 1991 the first modern armed incursion into Sierra Leone territory began with the first shots heard in Bomaru, eastern Sierra Leone. It was the start of the first armed rebellion against a despotic, repressive and human rights-abusing system that killed off any and all forms of opposition and dissent. It was the first armed opposition from outside against a system that had subverted the will of the people and created hell on earth for all who were believed to be in opposition to the stranglehold of the peoples' desire for freedom and expression. Thus was the RUF rebel war initiated that was finally brought to an end in 2002 with then President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah officially declaring that the war was over.

Thirteen years after the war was declared over, a handful of unrepentant, wicked and power-hungry beasts, the anti-people scum of the APC party are at it again as they try to subvert the democratic principles enshrined in the 1991 Constitution to suit their notion of democracy as found in the pages of the 1978 APC One Party constitution of Sierra Leone - a document that provided an arena for the breakdown of decency in life and living desired by the people. It was not uncommon those days to hear of "alleged coup plots" uncovered by so-called security forces that had become Sierra Leone's version of Haiti's Tonton Macoutes of the Duvalier era. It was the APC that created a system where the concept of "careless talk" was pursued with unalloyed vigour that gave security forces unbridled power to suppress and repress free speech. Bars, social activities and public gatherings were areas infiltrated by his informants who had to earn their keep by informing on people with quite a large volume of reports manufactured against people considered pro-democrats and who yearned for free speech and expression. The Ministry of Information was forced to create a special vote from the Consolidated Fund to cater for a group of APC informants and they were collectively known as Information Agents with names supplied by the APC Secretariat as a way of keeping the machinery oiled.

It is on record that it was the APC that undertook the first post-colonial execution in 1971 when Brigadier John Bangura was hanged. Others who faced the gallows included Major F M Jawara and one RSM Kolugbonda. This was the beginning of violence against all those believed to have been critical of the APC. One commentator says that this judicial murder of Brigadier John Bangura opened the floodgates for more executions during the Stevens era. On July 19th 1975, a one-time fiery activist of the party one Mohamed Sorie Forna was among another group of Sierra Leoneans who faced the gallows at Pademba Road in Freetown. Did we read somewhere the APC stating that it was not a party of violence? Ask the opposition SLPP party on the 2009 attack on their party headquarters and for those who were around - ask the people of Ginger Hall in Freetown. Please read this article very carefully and we hope you will have am idea of the justice system that the APC loves to wallow in. We say no more.


Sunday March 22, 2015 - The supreme law of the land, the Constitution is violated with utter contempt for the people of Sierra Leone as the rat and his cabal refuse to learn from the lessons of history. Condemnation from civil society, the Bar Association, the Sierra Leone Labour Congress and all concerned Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone.

Mark 10:45New International Version (NIV) - 45 For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

After plunging the country into a freefall of lawlessness, violence and utter contempt for the rule of law resulting in a decade-long war, the nation wreckers are at it again - interpreting the Constitution as it fits their warped minds and not caring about the consequences. Even though the supreme law of the land clearly states the circumstances under which the post of the Vice President could be deemed vacant as well as what needs to be done should that occur, the rat and his cabal in an unconstitutional and illegal move have ignored all the provisions of the Constitution. This makes the rat the subject of impeachment proceedings for going against the Constitution which he took an oath to protect and defend.

Despite written protestations from Sierra Leoneans versed in constitutional matters that his moves against a sitting Vice President was illegal, the rat, buoyed on by ill-informed and selfish members of his group has gone ahead - squeaking that he has "Executive Authority" and could therefore violate the Constitution went ahead with his dubious scheme and quite clearly an act of treason to "relieve" the Vice President elected by the people of Sierra Leone in the 2012 Presidential elections. Former Attorney General and Justice Minister Dr Abdulai Conteh has reminded the rat and his cabal on the illegaility of their action. "Membership of a political party is a qualification for election to the office, but nowhere is it stated in the Constitution that membership or continuing membership is a necessary qualification for or coterminous with continuing or remaining in office. In the midst of fighting the devastating scourge of the Ebola virus which is set to bring our dear country and our neighbours to ruination, we should all strive as Team Sierra Leone, to beat back this scourge and not dissipate scarce human and other resources and goodwill on avoidable and needless diversions."

We shall resist this criminal and illegal move using all means necessary for we know just how far we have come to get to this stage and no disciple of satan will be allowed to take us down the path we have said with one voice that we would never again tread.


Saturday February 28, 2014 - Panic stations in the thieving and uncaring domain of the rat after the first exposure...and this is just the tip of the massive corruption and stealing of funds meant to combat the deadly Ebola Virus disease. Time to start thinking about referring the rat and his cabal to a tribunal for crimes against the people.

The corridors of State House in Freetown have been the scene of panic, confusion and consternation as a part of the massive corruption over the use of funds to combat the deadly Ebola Virus Disease is laid bare in the recent report of the Auditor General - "Report on the Audit of the Management of the Ebola Funds". In the process of trying to smother the fallout of this disgraceful, shameful and inhuman episode, apologists of the thieving band of murderers and uncaring plunderers of resources meant to combat the disease have been falling over each other in trying to distract public attention from the thieving exploits and banditry of the uncaring cabal. First there was the war of words and authority over who should comment and take action on the report. One repugnant character terming himself as leader of the House of Representatives went as far as to publicly challenge the authority of the head of the Anti Corruption Commission telling all those who had been summoned to appear before the Commission not to heed the call. After what can only be seen as a pantomime of cover orchestrated by the rat at State House, both shameless individuals issued a rather inane statement insisting that they were now working together to bring the culprits to justice. We are not impressed because we see both the Anti Corruption Commission headed by Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara and that apology for all things honourable singing from the same sheet - protecting the rat at State House.

If the past is anything to go by, we would not be surprised to have startling revelations as to how funds were raised by various government officials within and outside the country and we would urge the Auditor General and the Anti Corruption Commission to look into the activities of our missions abroad with a view to ascertaining the funds and resources raised and how these were disbursed. We would continue to ask about the fate of those workers who were dismissed because they went on strike for their pay which had not been forthcoming. Have they been paid their just dues - we mean their monies? Now we know why genuine workers who risked their lives were not paid as the recent audit report shows that the Ebola funds were plundered by uncaring and shameless officials with close links to State House from where orders were issued as to who should have those fraudulent contracts.

Monday March 2, 2015 -Update: We've just heard the Vice President of Sierra Leone Sam Sumana on the BBC saying he has put himself into quarantine.


Monday December 22, 2014 - The audit report for 2013 is out and its the same old rot. The rampant thieving of the people's money, the lack of accountability, a determination to flout all financial rules and regulations and through it all - the thieving hands of the rat and his gang of looters of state coffers.The Auditor General Mrs Lara Taylor-Pearce.

The 2013 audit report into the accounts of the Sierra Leone government as well as associated institutions is now out and it does not make good reading for all those wishing the country well as instances of massive financial irregularities are laid bare by the Auditor-General Mrs Lara Taylor-Pearce. One would have believed that given the various recommendations made in previous audit reports, those controlling the purse strings of the peoples' resources would have mended their ways and would have done the right thing as required by the country's financial regulations, orders as well as the Constitution.

This audit report has a special focus on the country's procurement methods - rules of procurement as against what obtains on the ground with these provisions aimed at giving true stewardship of how the peoples' resources are managed/mismanaged thrown to the winds. Indeed in the introduction to this year's report which has been given a qualified "except for" opinion, the Auditor-General has stated -

"It must be noted that the various issues giving rise to my qualified ‘except for’ opinion are very serious in terms of their effect on the accounts, and need to be dealt with urgently. Unfortunately, they serve to further confirm the government’s widely held reputation of being unable to decisively deal with poor public financial management. Our public servants could and should do better. As I have said before, with a stronger commitment and willingness to address public financial management reform and strong enforcement of existing well-established laws and regulations, the matters could be put right quickly as other countries have done. That is the responsibility of the government and all public officials. Parliamentarians, Ministers and public sector managers at all levels need to provide leadership in not accepting petty and grand corruption as normative. Those in position to do so should follow the money when things go wrong. As citizens, none of us should ever accept fiduciary irresponsibility from those charged with holding the strings of the public purse. To do so is morally corrosive, erodes our civic rights and damages our hard-won young democracy." 


Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power - Abraham Lincoln

Monday February 3, 2014 - Accounting for the country's resources - an anathema for the government of the rat where simple arithmetic becomes a complex equation aimed at covering the tracks of charlatans bent on taking the country down the road to infamy - never mind the "re-branding" mantra.The anti corruption head who cannot raise a finger against the rat's corruption den

We have waited, we have watched, we have tried to figure out why since the audit of government accounts for 2012 was made public, none of the sewer rats extolling the virtues of the King Rat and who see no wrong in his manipulation of Parliament and the Judiciary, have commented on the massive thieving going on in the affairs of state. We can only come to the very painful conclusion that since they are all beneficiaries of the thieving machine, they dare not make a squeak in that direction lest they lose their part of the loot. Rather than tell their overlords that the thieving would in the end lead the country to the same state that the country would never want to tread again, the pay-as-you-go writers, refuse to acknowledge that the massive thieving now going on could lead to one and only one thing - the disintegration of community, region and state with dire consequences for all innocent Sierra Leoneans who continue to suffer in silence and are not a part of the state resources plundering machine oiled and kept running from the heart of State House itself. You would think it is the God-given right of King Rat and his caboodle to steal, steal and steal. That they are not accountable to anyone not even their conscience, assuming there's any left in the pool of moral bankruptcy in which they swim exposing their ill-gotten wealth. The reckless spending of the peoples' resources and wealth highlighted in audit reports, like this AUDITOR GENERAL’S REPORT ON THE ACTIVITIES OF OVERSEAS MISSIONS AND HIGH COMMISSIONS FOR THE PERIOD 1ST JANUARY 2003 TO 31ST DECEMBER 2010 and the failure to hold those responsible to account shows all too clearly that the smoke and mirrors State House occupant does not care about such reports and so it was with quite some interest when we heard that he was trying to make good on Sierra Leone's suspension from the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. Why the suspension? Again the government and the various functionaries simply cannot figure out their basic arithmetic and this from a rat who once headed an insurance body that did simple and somehow complex sums that determined just how much the insured should pay on a monthly or yearly basis or whatever time reference in question. In the EITI all that is being asked for is transparency and some honesty in reporting what is paid into government coffers by the various industries - and this is not confined to mining alone as oil blocks sales and allied fields appear to be yielding more money into the coffers (read thieving paws of the rat of a President). On the website of EITI there's an interesting report for Wednesday January 22 with the headline - "Big jump in revenues from Sierra Leone's extractives sector" with the sweetener that "revenues are up by almost four times but remain a small part of the economy".


The intriguing story of journalists detained, harassed, arrested and molested - and all because a self-styled monarch in a republic called Sierra Leone Republic alleges he is compared to a rat. If it squeaks like a rat, sniffs the air for deals of any nature and smells of massive corruption, then its a rat - rattus rattus. Photo: Ariogbo


Wednesday October 12, 2011 - The truth is finally out. Now we know why the high priest at the altar of falsehood, profanities and indecency dedicated to the smoke and mirrors President expunged those articles from his web site reaffirming once more that for a few dollars more he would be willing to lie on oath in order to earn his supper. And this from a so-called man of the cloth who has been caught out more often than not - lying to his face and feeling good about it.

We now know why those articles were expunged from the web site of the high priest who thinks nothing of lying through his teeth to please his masters at State House in Freetown. Remember what he wrote about the Bo incident in which one man was reported killed by the police, some structures belonging to the APC ruling party torched and the flag bearer of the main opposition SLPP Brigadier (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio got hurt? The pro-APC, pro_Ernest Bai Koroma publications had a field day with each tabloid trying to outdo the other in presenting a feel-good article that would be pleasing to their paymaster/s at State House. It was a time to write articles pleasing to their handlers at State House. And please recall too that when the President ordered an investigation, we pleaded that no comment be made that would somehow appear to blame anyone? This piece of advice given in good faith was ignored and just to please his master, his mammon at State House the high priest at the altar of lies, falsehood and profanities dedicated to his god ernest bai koroma published articles blaming people left, right and centre as well as here, there and everywhere and even going as far as to suggest that there was no one at the APC party office in Bo on that day? Well we now have a copy of that report and we can state here that the reason why those articles were expunged was because the report showed that what had been published, as usual was a big and deliberate lie aimed at keeping his master happy. And pleasing his master we doubt very much because we know that there are good and honest people at State House, real professional journalists and civil servants who would always frown on anyone who on one hand gloats about a diplomatic appointment while on the other becoming the chief fabricator and purveyor of lies, more lies and damned lies.

Below are some of the headlines, the articles of which were expunged and for which action we demanded an explanation. None was forthcoming, none was expected. That is what happens when you, as we say "broke congosah" on the gossiping liar's head.

Reports : SLPP rally in Bo was unlawful and unauthorized and was recipe for chaos orchestrated by Maada Bio, John Benjamin and Abbass Bundu

Journalist says the chaos in Bo was well-planned by the SLPP

Where is the blood ? The biggest hoax since ‘Janet Bundle’ ?

Exclusive : How Maada Bio got hurt in Bo

EXCLUSIVE : More ringleaders of the Bo disturbances named, as SLPP forms clandestine organization to drive out all APC supporters

Among the key findings of the report after investigating the Bo incident was

1. The SLPP thank you rally was legal.

2. That Rtd Brigadier Julius Maada Bio was indeed wounded during the attack.

3. That the APC Office was occupied by APC supporters on the day of the attack and that even before then preparations had been made to attack the Maada Bio march in Bo with instructions given to women allied to the APC to collect stones.

4. Stoning was started by APC supporters from their party office.

5. The SLPP supporters attacked and torched structures of the APC.

6. One bike rider was shot and killed by a named policeman who still remains free.

We will now bring you most of the expunged articles so that you can see further proof of the devious methods of a compulsive liar and we daresay the typical "kongosah bench" carrier.



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