''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


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The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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It's that time again - the observance of World Press Freedom Day and you can bet your bottom dollar that many a political mouthpiece parading as "independent" outlets would be quick to jump on the bandwagon calling for an unfettered press even though some could be drinking deep from the corruption gourd of their masters at State House. And you know, there's something about the Fourth Estate - those who are in it for self-aggrandisement, for the money and perks from those in authority so that they can paint a picture of things that are far from the truth - soon get exposed for what they truly are. Unrepentant, belly-waddling, no-shame, lying and outright slander and libel propagating machines - all for a few dollars!!!!

We shall endeavour not to bore you with these crawling and slimy creatures - two-tongued toads and vipers of deceit but would want to point you to a corner that would give an idea of the "philosophy"/mindset of the Ernest Bai Koroma set-up. We present the interesting case of one "journalist" invented by Gibril Gbanabome Koroma of AFRC junta fame. Yes, you have it.

The one and only Essa Thaim Kurugba the overnight "journalist".

Many an internet fan searching for news about the mother country would have been taken aback by a series of "articles" published on that "news outlet" by this new member of the 4th Estate, but like all things in life, experience has shown that patience has its virtues.

Allow us to start with one of them dated

Saturday 9th August 2008 with the headline -
Commisioner Saidu Turay’s emotional farewell message

A moment of silence and nostalgia was felt Wednesday August 6, 2008 at the Washington International Airport when Commissioner Saidu A. Turay - of Sierra Leone National Telecommunications-completed the check-in of his suitcases for the departure back to Freetown. The departing Commissioner (photo) was sad, sombre and solemn when he turned around to say ciao and good bye. He walked into our midst and gave the following pep talk by saying each one of us had faced one or several obstacles in life and that is just the way life is when one looks at individual life. Comrade Turay stood arms akimbo and continued to remind us to look at our own lives and measure the number of times something occurred in our lives that tried to set us back, bring us down and just make us feel bad.

Jumping the gun are we? OK let's go to Thursday July 10 where this rather interesting headline stares the reader full in the face -

The APC Atlanta Chapter Hits Royal Jackpot!

Executives of the APC Atlanta, Georgia Chapter, our able Acting Chairman of North America (Osman T. Conteh) and the Atlanta Chapter hit a Royal Jackpot this evening. Those who don’t get to know this prominent and well-known figure in the Atlanta - Marrow city, his name is Alfred M. Kamara. It’s just another day for the APC gaining momentum in North America. This Royal Jackpot (Alfred M Kamara) had today this afternoon unconditionally, unreservedly and enthusiastically declared his full and satiated support for the APC Party. He had registered as a full executive member. A little is known about this man, but believe it or not, this new member of this APC North America, is a Royal Jack Pot for the Atlanta Chapter.

Still in bewilderment? We pray that you go through this one for Thursday July 17, 2008

The recent news(the cocaine plane saga) has shocked the entire universe. Does the Koroma administration need such a political spotlight or has these political opponents lost their brains?The people of Sierra Leone and their political leader - President Koroma are blessed. Yes, we are blessed. It could have being a deadly tragedy in the making (God forbid) if this plane which was well loaded with arms and cocaine was to get in the hands of these perpetrators. These are political enemies who apparently loathe peace, tranquility, serenity and harmony in our nation. Why Sierra Leone? If these enemies’ drugs and weapon trafficking were to slip through the cracks of our Defense Ministry, these individuals would have become heroes in our Sierra Leone political history.

The crew in this plane were misguided to a roadmap that will lead them to tell the world who sent them and why Sierra Leone. The world is asking President Dr. Koroma, Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Sierra Leone, leader of the "APC Party" and Head of State to wholeheartedly do whatever it takes to know who are these crew mercenaries, who sent them and why Sierra Leone....and so on and so forth getting to the end with this -

Conclusively, President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, descendant of Late Rev. Sylvanus Koroma, through your royal lineage: May God bless you to keep the Faith. Continue to uphold your religious beliefs; the people in your country and all around the world boldly support you and the government. God will make you prosper rather than some invaders to vainly attempt to override the progress of our country. God will cause them to miserably fail. May the God of our fathers bless you and the nation. Knowing God’s anointing is upon you, the faithfull are praying for you and the nation.

After such unbridled drivel, the truth came out. It was quite clear now that this new invention was being dressed in the false colours of a journalist, Gibril Gbanabome Koroma style because of this as revealed in the Friday August 15 2008 publication and the headline -

"Why I am vying for the position of Public Relations Officer"

And the "journalist" created by one of his type in deception puts this which he believes is a  "fit for purpose" campaign online

My name is Essa Thaim Kurugba,popularly known as I.T.Kamara and I have been a real estate consultant for over 12 years. I am a graduate of the Real Estate Institute with a “GRI” designation - A “Mark of Excellence” in the real estate profession.

I also co-authored a book in 2001 titled: "Scientific Institution Bows to Tradition" and in 2008 "Nightmare in Paradise" currently in manuscript form and ready for publication.

Now here is the interesting bit. It would seem the job description for the post has already been made known and from what is written it is so easy to imagine what could have been on draft of the duties of the post holder

I have the ability to cope with pressure and I am very creative with lots of initiative; I am an enquiring person, with an analytical mind and an ongoing interest in current affairs. I am also a persuasive, resilient and confident individual.

And the reason for the items published by Gibril is now made clear. He even becomes not only a writer, but an editor and publisher.

I have written, edited and published over fifteen articles in the Cocorioko and Patriotic Vanguard online newspapers over the past two months.

This piece no doubt is from the draft of the job requirements of the candidate - something he clearly does not possess from the start, but soldiers on encouraged by his type.

In my candid opinion, the main reasons for running for the position of Public Relations (PR) Officer and what I intend to do are as follows:

-  I would like to use all means of communication available to build, maintain and manage the reputation of our APC North America and all its chapters. Reputation arises from what you do, say and what others say about you. In this age of intense competition in all political sectors, I can be the organization’s greatest asset. My main objective is to manage the reputation of our political party organization, and all the chapters in North America in order to gain understanding, support and influence other members’ opinions and behavioral attitudes.

-  I will research and analyze and do a continuous evaluation of our political organization or campaign strategy.

-  Conduct interviews and focus groups; co-coordinate surveys; research recent reports and articles; or commission the progress of the North America APC.

-  Initiate and plan campaigns, define goals, analyze problems and opportunities; liaise with the Chairman and the Chapter presidents.

-  Write and edit press releases, in-house newsletters, speeches, articles and annual reports; maintain and update information on the organization’s website; use the APC symbol to advertise and maintain the organization’s identity, name and reputation;

-  Prepare and supervise the production of publicity brochures, handouts, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, answer enquiries from individuals, journalists and other organizations;

Speak at public meetings, press conferences, and do radio and TV interviews. I will also develop and maintain good working relations with the media, including local and national newspapers, magazines, radio and television;

-  Help to organize special events, such as press conferences, exhibitions, and community relations through events and involvement in community initiatives.

-  Conclusively, as a potential candidate, I have shown the evidence of my candidacy and I need your votes. God Bless.

And then on Sunday August 24, 2008 (Was this the birth date of the great Bandele?), we saw this

APC-North America elects new executive

A new executive to run the affairs of the North America branch of the APC has been elected Saturday at the Mirage Hall, Langley Park, Maryland. These are the newly elected members of the Executive branch of the APC North America and on and on until the name -  Essa Thaim Kurugba Kamara (DC.) - Public Relations Officer

And the creator of the fake journalist Krugba, Gibril Gbanabome Koroma chimed in with this on

Sunday August 24, 2008 -
Congratulations to the new APC-North America executive

We have just received news of the election of a new APC-North America executive headed by former Acting chairman Osman Conteh of Washington DC.

Apart from Osman, we at the Vanguard know some of the new executive members(they had graced our pages with some fine writing). There is the feisty and no-nonsense Essa Thaim-Kurugba, a very good writer well known to our readers(he is now the Public Relations Officer); there is Mohamed Forna alias Yamba Lawyer(now the treasurer). Mohamed recently wrote for us a very politically blunt article on Gbonkolenken. We also know Abdul Kamara, alias Chief(now General Secretary) another PV contributor and fine writer in his own right.

And so on.

And before his election to the post we thought you would like to recall this one from Krugba again

Sunday 17 August 2008 -

My dear Comrades,

I would like to address myself, in this epistle, to all APC members in North America, and the rest of you in the diaspora, who are too afraid to come out from the shadows as true APC supporters, and to those who declared for the APC party after the 2007 general elections maybe just to gain recognition or to the ones who are really hungry for power.

I am one of the Sierra Leoneans that you are backbiting. I am one of the sons of the soil that you think are too boorish to know what is best for my political party. I am one of the little persons that you think have to be led around by greedy and self centered politicians like you. I am also one of the little people that, as far as you are concerned, don’t matter in the big scheme of things.

I am one of the gentlemen that believe in things like moral values, freedom, kindness, helping others, fair play, courtesy, manners, dignity, respect, caring for one’s family, etc. I am one of the patriots and I love my country, my people and my government. I believe in my country and I am proud to be a Sierra Leonean.

I am fed up with some of you, fed up with your puppets disparaging our government. When you ridicule the government, you are provoking the nation and thereby giving fuel to our detractors and enemies. This endangers our APC party, loved ones and therefore scare

Mission accomplished. Within a month or so a journalist is created, who goes for a PR job of the ruling party branch somewhere in the United States and wins it. Why, because his badly-written pieces were splashed on the internet pages of Gibril Gbanabome Koroma and his boss in deception "Rev" "Lawyer" "Mariama Massaquoi" Kabs Kanu, owner of Sierra Leone's version of the Rwandan Kangura magazine.

So do not be surprised at any appointments made under the AFRC Mk 2 cabal headed by Ernest Bai Koroma. Like their predecessors, they will break any rule/protocol, find any excuse to have things go their way thus making way for items like these

The Koroma administration is firm -

The APC government under the leadership of Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma had nothing to afraid of. He declared his assets, signed an anti drug law, preached openly about accountability and transparency. What else? My fellow country men, the Koroma Administration had nothing to hide nor afraid of any fear. First and foremost, you would like to ask yourself a question what you will do when fear shows up in front of your domain. Do you behave like the SLPP supporters who will run and hide under the covers of life, shivering furiously and anxiously wait the moment of fear to pass? The Koroma’s Administration will stand up with the full confident, smile and embrace fear. Our political concerned and answer to this simple question will have a considerable impact on the level of freedom, excitement and empowerment the APC government especially, when there was a clandestine activities on the cocaine trafficking is being experience on a daily basis by the SLPP government.

The thing to remember is that, all fears and intimidation’s that stood in front of the APC government’s domain are the fears that the APC government had no fear to be afraid of! The cocaine revelation was unearthed under the watchful eyes of the APC government. A drug dealer will not be selling drugs or do business at a subdivision surrounded with street lights or security lights. The SLPP created a permanent blackout in Sierra Leone in which other named our country “The Crave Yard of West Africa”. Immediately the Koroma Administration took office, he brought in lights, sanitation and defused the nefarious and dissolute activities of the SLPP.

And when Alusine Sesay (Aloo-loo) got appointed as Chief of Protocol to replace Sullay Daramy we got this

It is also clear that you took this office at a time when the country’s top administrative office (State House) needed elites with academic acumen, representation, prayerful, sympathy and love of the people. You filled that vacuum with energy, dependability, dedication, and love of service. You challenged that arduous task with masculine courage. The effort you put in our country and its work had earned you credibility of excellence.....

Your willingness to work with the Koroma’s Administration has transcends all considerations and barriers, which has earned you an unparalleled character as an honorable Chief of Protocol Officer in Office of the President. We pray that God continue to give you the courage, long life, blessings for your family and your country. May God bless you.

And on our very own ambassador to the US the one and only Bockarie Stevens (Bockay) came this

I was really privileged to meet with H.E. Ambassador Bockarie K. Stevens at the Sierra Leone Embassy a week before the arrival of His Excellency the Vice President - Alhaji Chief Sam Sumana and his entourage in the United States.

Before I proceed further with this article, I have to commend the Patriotic Vanguard newspaper’s editor for the publication of an exclusive interview he had with The Peoples’ Ambassador. Others may have met H.E. Ambassador Bockarie K. Stevens briefly, sometimes its good to know an individual better than saying negative comments about his activities. Again, the New People online newspaper must stop attacking The Peoples’ Ambassador in North America. H.E. Ambassador Bockarie K. Stevens(photo) is a man of gentle character. His meteoric rise in the Koroma Administration had earned him the credibility to be where he is today. A man of such acumen, shrewdness and good judgment within him possesses the “Three Ds” in his life, (3 -DDD). He is a Disciplined, Dedicated and Diligent diplomat who is also a willing and able servant, ready to work for his people. He always listens when you speak.

This was a man who had been taken over the coals in the so-called "forums" of...you know them. Topics ranged from -

How Bockarie was a low-life cab driver (as if earning your money doing honest work is a crime),
how he was not that educated and all manner of things the administrators of those outlets using all manner of names can come up with.

Little did they care to find out that at the time of these unfounded attacks, the man had completed his MA in Refugee Studies and was already registered at the same University of East London for a PhD!!!

Here's one more Krugba special - commenting on the outcome of what could well have been a "fixed" affair

APC-North America Chairmanship: The battle is almost over -  Tuesday 19 August 2008.


By Essa Thaim Kurugba, USA

I strongly, believe, after careful consideration and analysis, that the battle for the National Chairmanship of the North America branch of the APC is almost over.

Yes, the contest is almost over. I am not putting across anything here in this article other than my opinion. Getting feedback from the Philadelphia meeting which took place on Sunday August 11, 2008 was very helpful. With distinguished elites and founder members in the APC hierarchy in full attendance, the crowd at that meeting in Philadelphia was huge and the venue was jampacked.

According to the "Kurugba gallop polls" and surveys carried out within the respective chapters, the most popular and qualified candidate for the position for the Chairmanship is Comrade Osman T. Conteh (pictured) and his able lieutenant Comrade Leslie Allen.

If you've never heard of a Kurugba Gallop Poll - don't blame us.

Hope you enjoyed this one.


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