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April 19, 2009

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Vol 7 No 4

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

From Standard Times Press News Paper

A Warning Signal For the APC
May 7, 2009, 20:17

The complacency with whichthe APC.ry. by this press has revealed that the group is in constant co,ordination with ls  of the pub the leadership of the APC is treating some vital and sensitive state issues must come to an end now, if not it may not augur well for the political development of the country and the governance of the state. It is not that this writer is advocating for the introduction of the Machiavellian pattern of governance, but a little bit of it is applicable in the African political and governance system, if law and order should be considered an important component in governance.  

In Sierra Leone, it is no more a secret that most ugly developments that has the potential of disturbing and disrupting peace started as rumours. From the rumour stage, it develops into reality and negatively impact on the lives of the people. Sierra Leone as a sovereign state has a responsibility, which is to protect the lives and property of its citizens. This obligation and others are complimented by the security forces, inclusive of the Military, Police, Office of National Security, Fire Force and other state security apparatus. The responsibility of the President, as the Grand Chief Commander of all of these forces is enormous and uncompromising when it comes to the issue of protecting the state, its people and providing the basic of life. But when the President fails to identify the enemies of the state and those against development, a political psychiatrist is required to always be with him and prescribe the necessary medications that would jolt him from his complacency and bring him back to normalcy for him to realize the responsibility he has been entrusted with by the electorate.

The politics of any state requires firmness, adoption of hard and uncompromising decisions that are in the interest of the state and the tact to consolidate political power. The book titled “The Prince” is an eye opener to the realities of state governance. It is unfortunate that the current leadership of Sierra Leone has adopted the notion that “We are all the same”. In politics, the notion of “We are all the same” does not hold as certain individuals in society may either interpret it differently or take advantage of the situation. This is their concept and interpretation of “We are all the same”

The President is never and not the same as the ordinary citizens of the state, which the present leadership should be able to demonstrate to the rest of Sierra Leoneans and the world at large. Rumour about a request for the provision of drugs, cutlasses, motor bikes and the rest should not be treated in anyway with the back of the hand, nor should it be seen as the handiwork of certain mis-guided individuals, but a serious treat against the state and national development.

In the past rumour about instability in some parts of the country became undisputable realities that cost this nation precious lives, infrastructures, properties and poor living conditions. It is therefore necessary, with all the past ugly developments to treat every bit of rumour with the desired attention, if not for anything but for peace and stability to prevail. Rumour about a secret and dubious activity tagged “Hindo, Hindo” in the far east of the country that caused the death of so many people later became a reality. “The Ngorborwusu” massacre in the Pujehun District started as a rumour until it developed into an uncontrollable proportion that forced the late Siaka Stevens to dispatch a contingent of SSD’s to put the situation under control.

The Sanda massacre between supporters of the late Thaimu Bangura and his opponents’ started as rumour until many lives were lost. The RUF invasion of Sierra Leone also started as a rumour until the city of Freetown was attacked, lives perished and homes destroyed. The NPRC coup in 1992 started as a rumour that a group of young military officers have descended on State House to complain about poor condition at the warfront. The complaint turned out to be a coup that left the late ex-President Momoh fractured, fragile and crumbled until his death in Guinea as a pauper.

All these rumours and realities took place during the APC era. In 1997 another rumour that a group of junior military officers were planning to take over the SLLP government of ex-President Kabbah who got a tip of the rumour, but treated it with complacency until the rumour sent all of us to Guinea struggling for our survival. So many rumours had taken place that has sent this country backward and stagnated. That is why whether this piece of information about a plan by some SLPP Task Force Members is true or false should be treated with relevance. The opposition party should team up with the ruling government to launder itself from this allegation, if not the public would swallow it hook, line and sinker.

The Chairman of the SLPP, Mr. John Benjamin was quick to dismiss both the document and its entire contents with the wave of his hand and further criticized it as mischievous, but sources close to the ruling government are claiming that there is convincing evidence to prove that a meeting took place somewhere in the eastern part of the country and the outcome communicated to members in other parts in Sierra Leone. Whether this was so or not, the leadership of the country has a responsibility, which is to protect the people of this country and make Sierra Leone a peaceful place to live. This is a bad signal for the ruling government and should go the extra mile to nip it in the bud and prevent history from taking place

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