All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’ - Edmund Burke

August 2, 2009

S I E R R A  H E R A L D

Vol 7 No 9

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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SLPP is the most bloody and violent political party




Written by Cocorioko Newspaper Limited   

Thursday, 19 March 2009

President Ernest Koroma is Sierra Leone's best hope for desirable socio-economic and political change. The desperately-greedy for power opposition Sierra Leone People's Party ( SLPP )  knows this too well and that is why the venal, vicious and self-seeking party is doing everything to try to stop the President from sparking.President Koroma had barely stayed in power for eight weeks when he accomplished what the SLPP  cannot do in 11 disappointing years in power--Bring electricity to the capital.

This was the singular achievement that hurt the SLPP  so bad that its satantic and unprogressive leaders immediately vowed: "If we sit down supinely and allow this man to continue to steal our thunder, we won't have any hope of ever returning to power again in Sierra Leone for decades and decades to come ".The SLPP was so maliciously jealous of the APC's achievement that even before the new machines were installed, they had started making plots to sabotage the operation. One is beginning to think that it was the SLPP  that covertly sabotaged the electrification project.

What the International Community needs to know is that the opposition SLPP is the most selfish political party of its kind in the whole world. Unlike other parties, who think of the national interest , whether in power or in opposition, the SLPP is one self-seeking party that only thinks of its  own interest and whenever it is not in power, its main aim is to level the country . The SLPP does not care who suffers in their blind rage and unbriddled desperation for power. over 200, 000 Sierra Leone died and the whole nation's infrastructure was destroyed because of the rebel war instigated by the SLPP. As far as the SLPP MEMBERS are  concerned, Sierra Leone can be reduced to rubble and uninhabitable swamplands if they cannot rule it. To them , the philosophy is : It is either us or no Sierra Leone.

The SLPP  demonstrated this clearly in 1997 when errant military oficers seized power from its clutches . The International Commitee, including the sub-regional military power, ECOMOG,  were heads up in the crisis and had convinced the soldiers to hand  power  back to the SLPP in six months. Every mechanism had been put in place for the soldiers to hand over back to the SLPP. One would have thought that a reasonable political party that cares for its people's lives and infrastructure would have waited for those six short months to pass for the army to hand over to them. There was no way the army would have reneged on its promise because the civilian populace had joined the crusade against the soldiers and had made governance impossible for the junta. But for the SLPP, it was power now or the whole country is destoyed .One does not understand why the SLPP IS SO DIZZINGLY AND DESPERATELY FIXATED ON POLITICAL POWER.It is not as if they will do anything good for the nation when they come to power . Whenever the SLPP  rules Sierra Leone, the nation is reduced to more darkness and backwardness :So why really all this desperation for power ?

SLPP operatives were going all over the country threatening :" If these soldiers do not hand over to us, we will level this whole country down. We will ensure that they have no human beings left  to govern. " And the SLPP  carried out its threats. They defied all appeals from the stakeholders and the UN and brought in mercenaries and Nigerian troops to seize power. Though warned that it would be a very costly enterprise in human lives and infrastructure, the SLPP  never listened. They brought mercenaries to dislodge the soldiers and boy, did Sierra Leoneands and foreign residents suffer  ! ! ! Thousands of people were mercilessly butchered on the streets by the government-paid mercenaries and SLPP supporters. Angry and hungry for blood, the SLPP  formed bloody vigilante groups that went all over the country killing innocent civilians, anybody they suspected of not supporting them.People were firebombed in their homes and hundreds were set on fire on the streets .  The streets of Freetown were strewn with dead bodies and swarms of vultures took control of the city. That is the kind of carnage the SLPP  is capable of orchestrating , so when they accuse the APC of being violent, it is not even the kettle calling the pot black. It is venomous vipers calling worms poisonous. We wonder why families of the victims did not seek mass clas action suits against the SLPP  for the horrific deaths of their relatives.

Need we recount the horrendous torture the SLPP  subjected journalists to , leading to the deaths of many of them ? Need we recount the hundreds of detainees the SLPP  caused to die in captivity ? Need we describes the thousands of children ophaned by the SLPP's brutality ? Did we recount the thousands of innocent people eaten by SLPP  militia members during the war ? The testimonies at the Special Court are there as evidence.SLPP  militia men performed  rituals where they cooked and ate their victims. The Special Court testimonies can verify these facts. Therefore when SLPP  newspapers wave the bloody shirt and try to confuse people and the international community with gory photos of few victims hurt during the clashes (Yes, clashes ) with SLPP supporters, do they want us to start republishing graphic and distasteful photos of the carnage they committed in power ?

For the SLPP  to adopt the tactic of waving the bloody shirt, they must be innocent for such a tactic to hold water.But here is a political party whose history is steeped in deep blood , human sacrifices and cannibalism .What moral authority does the SLPP  have to condemn the APC or to wave the bloody shirt ?

Even the party's present Chairman, John Benjamin , does not have clean hands. Was John Benjamin not Prime Minister in a military junta that carried out horrendous human rights violations and extrajudiciously executed innocent and valuable Sierra Leoneans ? Where was John Benjamin's now much much-vaunted moral conscience when the junta he co-chaired executed innocent people like Dr. Kawuta Dumbuya , Salami Coker, Lt. Col.Yaya Kanu, a hapless palm winer tapper and other citizens on the false accusation of trying to stage a coup ? They were not even tried. They were hurridly taken from jail and bludgeoned to death with matchetes and bayonnettes and their bodies dissolve in acid. If Mr. John Benjamin had a good moral conscience, why didn't he resign from the junta because of these wicked slaughter of innocent citizens, whose blood continue to cry out from the ground ? Their blood will continue to stalk you, Mr. Benjamin, if you don't repudiate these horrible deed and ask for forgiveness.

John Benjamin is no better than the blood-thirsty and murderous  rebel that got away with murder during the war .Is that the man that would be considered a President-In-waiting ? How low can we sink in Sierra Leone ? That is why Cocorioko has no time to respond to gibberish from SLPP  writers  . Their conscience has been seared with an iron and they have developed a defiled conscience. How can anybody with a tender conscience condescend to propagate the mantra of such a manifestly violent, bloody and cannibalistic political party ? If those persons had not developed a defiled conscience, how would they go so low into the whirlpool ?

Sierra Leone have been blessed with the election of the progressive , productive and industrious Ernest Bai Koroma as President. It is time for all to rally behind the President and help him accomplish what the SLPP wants to hinder him from achieving. The President needs the help of all progressive forces in Sierra Leone to succeed.

The government has master plans to electrify the city , to complete the Bumbuna Electricity Project , which will supply electricity all over the country; resurface and pave major highways ; rehabilitate hospitals, clinics, schools and colleges neglected by the SLPP ; provide employment facilities for the youth through these infrastructural projects; accelerate farming enterprises to ensure adequate supply of food in the country and try to reduce prices of basic commodities.

The government has not even been in power for two years. Does the SLPP  expect the government to perform all these tasks in one year ? Why aren't they trying to be reasonable and give the government chance to perform ? They spent 11 years in power. The APC  never attempted to sabotage them. The APC remained a cooperative opposition that even contributed to the very few things the SLPP  achieved in power .Why can't they exercise the same patience and allow the APC  to deliver ?

The onus is on Sierra Leoneans.They must not act like dummies and allow the SLPP  to hoodwink them .The SLPP has not even compensated for the damages and ruin they inflicted on the country during their rule . They have not even restituted to the people for the millions of donor funds they squandered .Even right now the party Chairman is about to be dragged before the ongoing Commission of Inquiry to answer to allegations that he signed bogus vouchers  for the SABABU PROJECT while he acted as Finance Minister . What makes him and supporters think they are fit to return to power so soon ? Return to power to do what ? Steal more donor funds ? Add finishing touches to a nation they destroyed beyond repairs ?

Please Sierra Leoneans, take your stand. Don't allow them. Let's all give President Ernest Koroma chance to move our country to a better direction. Let us all stop this selfish and self-seeking  SLPP  menace. It is not good for our country and future generations.



Last Updated ( Thursday, 19 March 2009 )


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