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International Award for President Koroma in London

 Friday 27 February 2009.

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, London.

President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has been given the honour to attend and receive the 2009 Muslim News Award ceremony to be held in London

The letter states among other things: “I would like to invite you to attend the 2009 annual Muslim News Awards in London. I have organized and produced this event for the past nine years and it would be an honour to have you attend this year’s ceremony”

Every year, it is estimated that about 800 people attend the event, with distinguished guests such as His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband, amongst many others..

This special event is the most renowned meeting place for both Muslim influential people and businessmen and politicians from around the world. It is a perfect meeting place to develop social networking and creates an atmosphere of positive collaboration between both businessmen and individuals seeking to develop potential social and business partners.

According to the letter: “we feel that this prestigious event can greatly assist you to meet and create important affiliations for future development interests in Sierra Leone and will pave the way for the ongoing media campaign we wish to carry out for you here in the UK”.

The organizers say the President is to be accompanied by official security and that his stay will be comforted by close consultation, setting up introductions with high ranking members of the political and business world.

At the Muslim News Awards for Excellence, the achievements of a wide spectrum of people are celebrated and honoured. These include people from the world of politics, sports and culture.

The great success and contributions given to the British community from both Muslim and non-Muslim members are celebrated by a wonderful dinner and a nigh of award ceremonies and social interaction both during and after dinner.

As the awards are taking place at the end of March, the organizers are keen to secure the President a prime position, to be seated at a table with high profile guests, including leading UK politicians.



President Koroma receives Life-Time Achievement Award

The works of Sierra Leone’s Head of State has once again been acknowledged with a Life-time Achievement award by the African Children and Youth Centre (ACYC) – a non-governmental organisation based in London.

The award ceremony has been scheduled to take place at the Royal National Hotel, Russell Square, West Central London on 2nd May 2010. The group comprising Sierra Leoneans, Ugandans, Tanzanians, Congolese, Nigerians and British nationals, say they have been following developments in Sierra Leone over the years and believes no other leader deserves such a prestigious and honourable award than President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

“Within a period of two years since taking over government in Sierra Leone, President Koroma has made considerable progress in his country,” said Fatai Ogunribido an executive member of the organisation who also publishes the reputable Emn News online magazine in London.

The nomination and award of President Koroma was overwhelming both by Sierra Leoneans and our panel of judges, the organisers confirmed.

ACYC Chairperson Aminata Sesay described President Koroma’s award as ‘most appropriate’ decision by her organisation because what he has done in Sierra Leone within two years, no other leader has ever done that within that period of time.

“We have seen great improvement in power supply in a country once classed as the darkest city on earth now transforming into a city of light; we have seen the infrastructural development in the country; we have also seen the government’s commitment in the fight against corruption and above all we are impressed with the President’s sincerity and commitment in trhying to transform the lives of his people,” Aminata said

Fyna Dowe, a British Consultant with the organisation said the awards are not politically influenced but based on merit.

There are other prominent personalities earmarked for the Excellence award on that same day – among them is the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who will be awarded as Friend Of Sierra Leone.

ACYC believes Blair has played and continues to play significant roles towards rebuilding Sierra Leone.

Awards will also be given to Sports Personality Of The Year, Businessman Of The Year, Journalists as well as recognition awards in other categories like education, health and development.

Last year, Sierra Leone’s First Lady Sia Koroma was awarded as Mother of Sierra Leone for championing the cause and plight of children.

Other receipients include Mohamed Kallon, Jimmy Bangura, Manchester City’s Craig Bellamy, to mention but a few.

Sia Koroma had spent the last two years working on the cause of Sierra Leonean children both locally and internationally attracting financial and material support on their behalf.

The London Excellence award programme is geared towards recognising prominent Sierra Leoneans, sympathisers and friends of Sierra Leone whose works have had positive impact towards the development of Sierra Leone.



UK Investors to Host Sierra Leone's First Lady

An organization has offered to host Sierra Leone's First Lady to a business discussion in the United Kingdom, where she has been nominated to collect a Mother of the Nation award.

Official sources from the award organizing team confirmed that "an offer has been made to host Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma to a dinner where the issue of investment and finance for development project will be discussed".

If the plan goes ahead, the move could add impetus to government's determination to bring investors to the country.

The investment forum is expected to lay the foundation for a team of economic experts and government advisers on commerce and industry to visit the United Kingdom.

The media have referred to the first lady's award as the best international event in recent times.

The Sierra Leone excellence awards 2009 has been organized by Mrs. Aminata Conteh, the chief executive of African Children and Youth Center, a North London based charity organization with the aim of improving the lives of underprivileged youth.

Conteh has an outstanding record in promoting Sierra Leone in the UK. She single-handedly promoted the Sierra Leonean who won the Miss West Africa beauty contest last year.




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