''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


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Vol 8 No 6

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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No to unwarranted propaganda and provocation by the SLPP




Written by Khadija Sesay   

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Fear and chaos are slowly returning to our country. Perputuated by those who once again refused to accept defeat and embraced developement in our nation ,the SLPP in its bid to controle every aspect of our lives are now seeking to fill our thoughts with fear and discuragement.

In September 2007,as it has always been in a Democrartic system of government, we the people of Sierra Leone clearly spoke in the ballot box.Between the two major political parties,we chosed the one we prefered to rebuild our nation and hold the peace in Sierra Leone.11 years ago,the country faced the worst form of expltation and poverty.Since independente in 1961,through those years, we learned from experience what it takes to provide solid foundation for making real improvements towards change in our country.

As easily as we can choose to revolt at the time,we preferred to be peaceful ,patient and showed understanding.We look beyond those who argued for defeat and continued the path to victory. Whatever the situation was in the nation,we the citizens chose a positive way forward.Insted of underminding the Government whicgh could have been a receipt for unrest in the country,we challanged our energy into more valable and productive pursuits.We collectively embrased tolerance and acceptance with a defiend goal in the name of peace.

However, we knew we needed a change and we refused to make ourselves victim; so we preferred to be firmly in control of our lives with faith and hope.In the general Elections,we the people took action to make the change happen by overwheminlgy voting to give the party in governance a chance to rebuild our poorest nation,One of the most corrupt countries on earth , acording to the United Nations development index.

Fellow Sierra Leoneans,we must not allow the games and devillish activities of the SLPP to take us back and treat us as second class citizens.We the people have the right to pick our leaders and for now we collectively chose the APC to govern us in peace.We will surly not allow outside events to control our attitudes and our dream for Sierra Leone.We will continue to give our attention and energy to this administration for a positive direction and for development of our country.

Certianly, there are difficulties and obstacles perpetuated by the SLPP to deviate the party in governance from fulfilling their obligations to the nation.We say this time no to the disturbance ,to peace in the country through unwarranted propaganda and violence. We are committed to peace and development ; we did what was right in the ballot box for our country ; it was not only a reaction to the way we had been treated the years,rather,it was an expression of our commitment to the way we chose for things to be at this point.

Dear SLPP,we the people of Sierra Leone are now saying loud and clear 'no to the bullet but yes to the ballot box in 2012' .

By Khadija



Destined to rule !?” The defrauders of Democracy  
Written by KHADIJA SESAY   
Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The power mongering tyrants,  in their plight to once again hold our country under siege with their mischievous activities,  must not be underestimated. Filled with hatred for the party in governance, which represents development in Sierra Leone, the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP),  led by the barbarian German-born John Benjamin Hirsch,will not stop at anything to defraud the principles of Democracy in our country to the detriment of our people.


The pattern of the SLPP in their refusal to accept defeat had always resulted in their constant struggle to take control of governance with reckless disregard for human lives which is no longer tolerated by the people.


As we all can recall, the 1967 victory of the APC was illegally interrupted with the declaration of martial law by David Lansana, then head of the army. On April 29th 1992, the now national chairman of the SLPP,  Mr. John Benjamin Hirsch,  and junior military officers led the coup which overthrew the then APC government.  


The effect of that interruption of the constitutional process  gave rise to the 11 years SLPP rule . They were in power for 11 years without question by the APC or any other political party for fear of another senseless war from past experience. During this time, the APC  obeyed the laws of this country and acted like a responsible opposition party. There was therefore peace and tranquility in the whole of Sierra Leone.

When the APC  came to power in 2007, however, the picture changed. The SLPP  refused to accept defeat and since then they have been inciting chaos in the country. They have proved that they are an irresponsible opposition and they want to plunge this country into another war because they are not in power.


In view of the APC's responsible behavior in opposition , the nation embraced free and fair elections in which we openly actualized our intentions through the ballot box. Sierra Leone wants peace and we deserve the right to grow as a nation in a civilized world with unity and harmony for us and our future generations. The government in power has our unwavering support in rebuilding and rehabilitating our war - torn country in peace without disruption of any kind. Sierra Leoneans should therefore condemn the SLPP  for refusing to accept defeat and for trying to provoke chaos in the country.


The power mongering tyrants,  whose aimless claim is that they are destined to politically control our fate by all means necessary,  must be totally rejected.


We the people of Sierra Leone will not relent this time around. We want peace. We want to see socio-economic and political developments in our country.  


We are now a civilised nation and together we will fight against any nuisance against peace and development in our country . 2012 is around the corner but the APC  will win again because it is fulfilling the wishes of the Sierra Leonean people.


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