''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


S I E R R A  H E R A L D

Vol 9 No 1

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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We have, in the recent past received quite a number of interesting, very interesting materials that will show the extent to which the junta-loving Expo Times team then in Freetown headed by Ibrahim Seaga Shaw is prepared to go in a bid to allow evil to overcome good as they desperately try to weave any web of lies which they hope would put us off their trail. No way, until they come out publicly to give reasons why they gave the oxygen of positive publicity to that murderous, illegal and despicable thing that befell the mother country during the period May 25, 1997 to February 1998.

Let us kindly remind you of an article carried by Gibril Gbanabome Koroma in what he calls a "patriotic" news outlet when we raised questions over his attempt at inventing one Sullay Adekulay as a journalist.

Oh, you should have read their typical reaction when the truth is held before them. Like the vampire of yore confronted with a cross, they would rail, curse, hurl invectives, change shapes and manners in a desperate bid to escape. As in the Greek mythology and the wily manner of Proteus, we refuse to be fooled and will continue to hold on tight to the truth never mind the invectives and gutter language.

This former teacher at the Bishop Johnson Memorial Secondary School whose association with the Fourth Estate is as a friend of Sheka Tarawallie and who Gibril tried to pass off not only as a journalist but "erstwhile Acting Editor". On reading that he had been exposed for what he was poured vitriol against the Sierra Herald's former editor with such utterances getting published by his inventor Gibril Gbanabome Koroma.

“At first I opted to maintain a dignified silence. But it seems as if the ageing alcoholic and mentally disturbed miscreant called Victor Sylver is interpreting my silence to mean an acknowledgement of guilt.”...I would like to make it known to the former BBC stringer now London bus conductor and photographer….” If Victor Sylver the alcholic needs further clarifications….”“The disgraced Victor Sylver is actually not telling the truth….”

And as for you, the invented journalist Sullay, we await your further action after this and if you do not...... And we guess you should have known by now that you have been exposed for what you really are. The former Bishop Johnson teacher, far removed from the Fourth Estate in Freetown, Sierra Leone as a practitioner. That you have never been a journalist in Freetown as you have been claiming in certain documents and you know it thinking that with the backing of the junta apologists, all will be well.

Be reminded that giving the wrong information leads to.....you know what.

And just to cap it all. Why has Gibril not published "articles" by you as he did for his other invention, one Krugba somewhere in the US who was vying for a post?

But back to Gibril Gbanabom Koroma and some unfinished business. After exposing his attempt at inventing Sullay Adekullay as a journalist, he "threatened" all manner of things in the typical juntaphile manner. Invectives, abuses, gutter language and every manner of uncouth mannerisms to put us off the scent. Never.

Remember this - your rude, crude and vulgar article on somebody who's your senior in the field of journalism and in the field of life because he's by far your elder? This particular one is reproduced so that you can read, re-read and realise the implications and interpretations when it finally gets into the hands of the Canadian authorities.

We shall never be moved because we know that the truth will eventually triumph and that the web of deceit you continue to weave will disappear one fine day to reveal your true role during junta rule from May 25, 1997 to February 1998. A role that you have been concealing from the Canadian authorities!!!!

And for those who visit your web pages Gibril, let me remind them of how you were caught out over those "pictures" of the White House Press Secretary and your good old friend Sheka Tarawallie. Remember that even though it had become quite clear that you were not publishing the truth, you still continued to defend the indefensible until in desperation you took out your "comment" section on stories because you could no longer keep up with your readers exposing you for what you really are.

And then quite recently, you stated that "by popular request" you were re-introducing the comment section again. We now know why and so would those pages remain empty because what you had hoped for exploded in your face.

Dont know what we're talking about? Your former boss Ibrahim Seaga Shaw should have told you by now.

And as 2008 ends ringing in 2009, the Sierra Herald cannot help but to remind you of these.

When the former editor wrote about the Expo Times and Ibrahim Seaga Shaw's role during junta rule, you wrote in 2001 that the reason Victor Sylver had to go into hiding in early September 1997 was because

...... he deliberately falsified a story on the ECOMOG bombing of the Mabayla slum in central Freetown. At that time everybody was glued to a radio and the slum dwellers heard Victor's report while their loved ones laid in pools of blood. With a loud cry of rage they went on the streets with stones and sticks looking for him. It had nothing to do with EXPO TIMES...

And then in April 2008 in your comments column this was what was published.

.....he is digging his own hole because soon the BBC will see him for what he is, a big liar and an opportunist who lied about the incident between him and the AFRC. A day or two before he left Sierra Leone he was at state house with Johnny Paul.

He was sent by Johnny Paul and given a lot of money to go and investigate some incident in Moyamba between Kamajors and soldiers. Knowing the plan by then ,he went to a Catholic priest , as he is Catholic from Bonthe, and lied he has been threathened and was taken by this priest through Kambia to Guinea and because he was going to be attacked by the youths of the government in exlie he spirited himself to London through Dakar. When he arrived in London he went to the bbc and told a lot of lies.

In June last year, you were again exposed for your penchant for telling untruths. This was what you wrote in one article involving another of your junta apologists Sheka Tarawallie, President Koroma's press man.

As promised, we now bring you a pictorial display of Sierra Leone’s presidential press secretary’s historic official visit to the White House and House of Congress. In two of the photos he posed with White House press secretary Dana Perino and Sierra Leone’s ambassador in Washington Honourable Bockarie Stevens. He can also be seen beside a statue of the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King at the Capitol Building. Here is Sheka Tarawalie, alias Shekito:

And on 18th June after beginning to see that internet watchers had seen through your scam you wrote

As promised, we now bring you a pictorial display of Sierra Leone’s presidential press secretary’s historic official visit to the White House and House of Congress. In one of the photos he poses with Sierra Leone’s ambassador in Washington Honourable Bockarie Stevens. He can also be seen beside a statue of the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King at the Capitol Building. Here is Sheka Tarawalie, alias Shekito:

Still denying the lie until forced to close his forum, he came out with this on Friday June 20, 2008.

Dear Kabs and Gibs,
As you both know, I never told you that I was standing with Dana Perino in the photograph with the lady at the White House. I’m sorry that you had to go through all this. However, I sent you the photos to show where I went, including our embassy in Washington and the Capitol (Parliament) building.

And the unfinished business in all this?

You still have to tell us about that address to reporters at the White House.

He will be taken on a conducted tour of the White House’s West Wing, after which he will address reporters at the White House press lobby. Tarawalie is expected back in Freetown on 14th June.

So....what about the address on behalf of President Koroma at that conference?

He is standing in for his boss at the first joint International Conference and North American General Conference of the Wesleyan Church. Tarawalie is expected to arrive on 7th June and will be addressing the conference on 9th June.

See how you have exposed yourself for what you truly are Gibril Gbanabome Koroma?

Yearning for the mother country?

The right choice is Kevin McPhilips Travel

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