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Sept 4, 2008

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Vol 6 No 8

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Pikin Bizness gives another lease of life ‘Miracle boy’ returns fiddle fit

Alie kamara after the surgery.

Fifteen year-old Alie Kamara, suffering from life-threatening defective arteries, is now fit as a fiddle after a successful surgical operation in Chateau des Cotes hospital in France.
Alie’s operation was sponsored by Pikin Bizness, a philanthropist organization chaired by Adonis Aboud, which has already sponsored five other patients for cardiac operations overseas.
Cardiac specialist Dr Olu Black nick named Kamara, ‘Miracle Boy,’ for surviving a state which should have left him dead “before [his] first year of life.”
Alie returned to Freetown on Tuesday after spending approximately three months in France.
Upon his arrival at the Freetown International Airport, he was welcomed by representatives of Pikin Bizness and his elder sister.
Looking joyful, agile and fresh from France, he warmly showed appreciation to the Pikin Bizness representatives for the immense role the organization played in saving his life.
He explained about the marvelous compassion demonstrated by the French doctors and friends he made in France, saying “they don’t want me to come back.”  
Arriving at his Canteen street home, his mother who was selling stuff with a locally made lantern under the evening dew was overwhelmed with emotions as she looked like she wanted to laugh, cry, and smile all at the same time, as she showered blessings on Pikin Bizness for saving the life of her son.
Alie was admitted in March last year at the Connaught hospital in Freetown; a week after he was discharged, he was admitted again in critical condition. “We almost lost him, after several attacks,” explained Dr Black.
This is the first time the organization has sponsored a teenager for an overseas operation.
“Ninety percent of the expenditure is done by Mr Aboud (founder of Pikin Bizness), and a single case for such an operation is nothing less than $7,000,” a Pikin Bizness representative disclosed.
Report from France disclosed that Ali was transferred on 10th May from Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris to the Hospital Paul d’Egine in the nearby eastern suburbs of Champigny.
“After two days in the intensive care unit, he was moved to a private room to recover. The chest pains from the operation have lessened and Ali is now in good spirits and eating well,” stated the report.
At a meeting on 13th May, Dr. Alain Deloche, founder of La Chaine de L’espoir, the organization that sponsored the medical part of Ali Kamara’s stay in Paris, and Dr. Chauvaud, the surgeon who replaced Ali’s aortic valve and repaired his mitrol valve, as well as the staff of La Chaine de l’espore, they (Chantal Jacques and Danielle Demoly, La Chaine de L’espoir) agreed to come to Freetown to help all the children on Dr Black’s list suffering from heart disease.
The team also agreed in bringing portable cardio sonograph machine and the organization have also decided to assist Sierra Leone is procuring its first sonograph machine for permanent use

By Ophaniel Gooding

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