''All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing'' - Edmund Burke


S I E R R A  H E R A L D

Vol 9 No 1

The tendency sometimes to protect perpetrators for the sake of peace...doesn't help society. Impunity should not be allowed to stand. - Kofi Annan on Waki report

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16.       HUMAN RIGHTS

16.1    Overview

Human rights have become an issue of great importance in contemporary times. This explains why it has come to occupy such an important and prominent place in State governance, the world over. Much of the misery and injustice of our time is the result of the reckless use of power. The abuse of power is a human problem and nobody seems to have a built-in- immunity from its corrosive effect.

An APC Government is committed to limiting this tendency by ensuring the sanctity of life and the dignity of man.

The factors that characterized this sector are:-Ernest Bai Koroma - leader of the opposition then. He presented this document to the people vowing to implement all. How far has he gone in achieving what he promised?

  • Widespread violation of human rights
  • Lack of knowledge about human rights
  • Ineffective state institutions to adequately address human rights abuses
  • Political dispensation that cannot guarantee the human rights of all Sierra Leoneans


The APC Government will:-

a)         meet internationally accepted standards of promoting and protecting the rights and dignity of every man, woman and child.

b)         protect, promote and respect all Sierra Leoneans from the violation of their human rights so that the true ideals of democracy can be realized.



Such objectives as above shall be attained by :-

a)         supporting institutions where they exist for the protection of human rights.

b)         promoting a credible political dispensation that will guarantee and protect human rights for all by making justice accessible without discrimination.

c)         ensuring that human rights laws and institutions created to implement them are supported to function effectively in building a human rights- conscious society in post- conflict Sierra Leone.



17.1    Overview

We as a party are aware of the fact that no matter how well intentioned a government may be, it is bound to fail if it is saddled with a public service that is lacking in capacity or unwilling to adapt to changing circumstances.  We readily acknowledge and accept that the public service is currently dysfunctional, however there is still a lot of good potential within it which can serve as a base for a more efficient public service our nation deserves.

Currently the public service is:-

  • Dysfunctional
  • Lacking in capacity
  • Saddled with low salaries and poor conditions of service
  • corrupt



The APC Government will:-

a)         revise the process of recruitment, entry and progression within the public service and will therefore support the ongoing reform programmes.

b)         take immediate action to look into the present discriminatory two- tier system of remuneration of public officials

c)         give the anti- corruption Commission the power it needs to function effectively and check the endemic corruption so rampart within the Public service sector.



The APC plans to meet these objectives by:-

a)         modernising the old general and financial orders, which have proved unsuitable in today’s Sierra Leone.

b)         enabling the civil service reclaim its past glory and efficiency.

c)         improving the salary and conditions of the public service with a view to making it attractive and competitive.

d)         ensuring that recruitment and promotion within the public service of Sierra Leone shall be based on qualification, merit and ability.



18.1 Overview

The APC Government recognizes that the youth problem has become chronic with a potential for explosion.  To be sure youth employment if not appropriately addressed is a time bomb. Its solution cannot be done on an ad hoc basis but rather on a comprehensive policy requiring inputs from the youth themselves. Conscious of the trauma to which thousands of our youths have been subjected as a consequence of the war, an APC Government will spare no effort in revisiting the existing National Youth policy.  The APC will engage and comprehensively promote sporting activities in support of the welfare of our youth.

The following are the characteristics of this sector:-

  • High rate of youth unemployment
  • Widespread indiscipline and high  rate of school dropouts
  • Tepid acceptance and implementation of the National Youth Policy
  • Failure to inculcate a culture of civic responsibility
  • Complete breakdown of competitive sporting activities at school, collegiate and national levels
  • Lack of coordination between the Ministry and the respective sporting organisations



An APC government will:-

a)         implement the current legislation relating to the protection and welfare of Youth.

b)         work steadfastly with both national and international non-governmental organizations to ensure that the youth in Sierra Leone receive the care, support and protection they require for their development into responsible and productive citizens.

c)         institute a national youth training programme to harness the potential of our youth, create understanding and instill a culture of civic responsibility that will support  and core enhance family values.


18.3    STRATEGIES                                             

The APC as a government shall seek to attain these objectives by:-

a)         formulating a comprehensive plan of action that is geared towards full implementation of the Sierra Leone Youth policy.

b)         expanding the National Youth Policy with the creation of youth executives in all Districts Councils.

c)         reviving and restoring the status of sports and athletics in schools and colleges by seeking assistance from our friends to extend sporting facilities accordingly.

d)         providing bursaries for students who demonstrate outstanding skills in sports and athletics.

e)         re-activating all sporting competitions especially soccer at national and international levels through closer collaboration with the respective sporting organisations.

f)          introducing a National Youth Service Corps.



19.1    Overview

Land is a resource and an asset and in almost every part of the country issues related to land constitute a major source of conflict and court cases. Ministry of Lands officials including surveyors, land owners, dealers, are all to blame for these. The current poor city planning is the result of corruption, limited foresight and capacity. The uncoordinated and inept actions of Government departments and officials have led to a myriad of cases that have virtually strangled the judicial system. The APC recognizes that housing a basic necessity of life is in short supply in the country for all categories of the population. An APC Government recognizes further that environmental protection has become a necessity of life and its abuse nation wide demands immediate attention.

These sectors are beset with the following problems:-

  • Overwhelming cases of unresolved land disputes
  • No guidelines for zoning and building
  • Poor sanitation in built up areas
  • ruthless deforestation and degradation of the environment
  • Limited or no education on the use and abuse of the environment



As a Government, the APC will:-

a)         seek an expeditious resolution of all matters dealing with land conflict.

b)         create opportunities for the expansion of all markets and cemeteries to meet current population demands.

c)         build a culture of civic responsibility for the care and protection of the environment.

d)         establish guidelines for zoning and building.

e)         engage in legislation to ensure that deforestation and degradation of the environment is arrested and further more draw up guidelines that will conform to international standards.



WE will achieve these by:-

a)         engaging in a national campaign of educating our people on all policies governing land use.

b)         supporting and strengthening the National Commission on Land and the Environment to function effectively.

c)         establishing a comprehensive national register that will document all cadastral records.

d)      encouraging international investors as partners in the provision of low cost housing.

e)         embarking on sensitization and awareness raising using the mass media, schools and colleges on the consequence of misusing and abusing the environment.

f)          reviewing the current state of all Government properties and their occupancy.

g)         pursuing a policy of strategic acquisition of lands and properties in an effort to expand and upgrade social infrastructure such as markets and cemeteries so as to ease congestion.


20              CONCLUSION


In conclusion, all of the above stated objectives and strategies are in support of the firm determination of the All Peoples Congress Party to govern Sierra Leone along the principles of GOOD GOVERNANCE.  An APC government commits itself to conforming and focusing on parameters and values of good political, economic and corporate governance.  We will ensure the adoption by all Government Departments and Agencies, sound policies, standards and practices that promote and protect the principles of probity, transparency and accountability.


As a Party, let us assure everyone that we have in place a solid team of dedicated personnel with the brain power, commitment and professional expertise to implement these programmes. The APC therefore calls upon all Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad and the International Community to join us in realising these noble goals of governance presented in this Manifesto.


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